Yeast infections and thrush in babies

Yeast Infections and Thrush

Identifying a yeast infection

Babies have underdeveloped immune systems, often making them more vulnerable to yeast infections. If your baby presents small red spots that multiply quickly into bright red rashes with edges, you should suspect a yeast infection. With yeast infections, the rashes can spread to the legs, genitals, and the creases between the stomach and the thighs. Rarely, yeast infections can affect the tongue or the mouth, and will have white patchy crusts.

Call your doctor if you suspect an infection

If your suspect that your baby has a yeast infection, contact your pediatrician immediately for appropriate treatment. It is important to note that most infections will not clear on their own, and will progress to a worse state without medical attention. Yeast infections will require the use of medicated creams to clear. Also, it is important to rule out any problems that your baby may have an immune system disorder which makes them more prone to infections.

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