Baby warts

Is that a Wart?

Warts can affect your baby

Warts are extremely common in young children, as they are likely to pick up the virus as they are prone to touch things indiscriminately. Infants are no exception, and can develop warts. In fact, newborns are more prone to all sorts of infections, as their immune system is both underdeveloped and inexperienced compared to adult immune systems.

Warts are caused by viruses

Warts are caused by a virus, a specific type of HPV that infects humans. As such, they are contagious. A small bump that is obvious to sight and touch will develop in multiples, usually on the hand, but they can grow anywhere where there is skin. Most warts are light or skin-colored, but some may be darker, and are usually bumpy. Others contain black dots in the center of the growth. In the great majority of cases, warts will naturally disappear without any treatment within few months. In some cases, they can last as long as a few years before the immune system detects it and destroys it.

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