Sun protection for babies

Do Babies Need Sun Protection?

Babies' skin need to be cared for

Some parents assume that baby skin is inherently beautiful and are somehow protected from skin problems which are common as adults. In truth, babies have extremely sensitive skin and their immune systems are still not fully developed, making them extremely vulnerable. The reason that baby skin is so soft and perfect is precisely because the skin hasn't been exposed to outside irritants and pollutants for long.

A baby should not be exposed to direct sunlight for the first 6 months. Their skins are sensitive, and prone to burn easily. The sun´s ultraviolet rays can do significant damage to a newborn´s skin. Whenever you bring your baby outdoors, remember to use an effective sunscreen, preferably one that offers broad spectrum protection. Hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses also provide additional protection from the sun.

What to do if your baby gets a sunburn

If your baby does sustain a sunburn, make sure that you apply a cool cloth directly to the skin as soon as possible, for approximately ten minutes. This can help to relieve some pain and ache for your baby. Most cases of mild sunburns should be controlled with this. For more severe sunburns, however, contact your pediatrician. Finally, teach your children at a very young age, the importance of sun protection.

Baby Skin care:

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