Baby stork bite

What´s a Stork Bite?

Birthmarks are extremely common in babies, which can be distressing for new parents if they are not aware of this fact. A stork bite is a pink to red birthmark that affect the forehead, the eyelids, lips, and the back of the neck most commonly, and are either present at birth or develop within the first month. The mark is flat, and characteristically fades when pressure is applied to the skin. Some stork bites will change color as temperature changes.

As a general rule, stork bites on the facial region will fade away within the first two years without treatment. Stork bites on the neck and the back area, on the other hand, will fade within the first two years, tend to be constant. Thankfully, these areas are generally considered less significant from a cosmetic point of view. In most cases, treatment is not required, and often not recommended when the baby is still young. Later, there are several therapies that can remove the birthmark, if it becomes a cosmetic problem. If the birthmarks are unusually large, plentiful, or otherwise unusual, it is a good idea to have a pediatrician view it, as it may be an indicator of an internal problem such as neurofibromatosis.

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