Baby prickly heat

What is Prickly Heat?

Symptoms of prickly heat

If you notice your baby with small pink bumps near the diaper area, armpits, or the neck, or any area where there is excessive sweating, your baby may be suffering from prickly heat. This condition is very common for babies during the summertime, however, it can also occur in winter too. It is not an infection, and it is not a serious condition, however, it can be quite discomforting for your baby.

What causes prickly heat?

Prickly heat, or miliaria is a condition that primarily affects children in hot and humid conditions. It is common in children as the sweat glands are underdeveloped, and become plugged easily by dead skin and at times, bacteria. Even though this condition is most common in the summer, it can also occur in the winter if your baby is over-bundled in clothing. To prevent prickly heat, keep your baby in a dry and cool environment, and wear loose fitting clothing.

Most cases of prickly heat resolve itself quickly without any specific treatment if you keep your baby cool and dry. If your baby´s rash is not healing, severe, or becomes infected, contact your pediatrician for advise.

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