Baby moles and birthmarks

Is it a Birthmark?

New parents are often concerned when they see their newborn with a birthmark, or when their baby develop a mark in their first few months. Typically, birthmarks have clear borders, and the skin is often pigmented, or conversely, discolored in the area. There is no textural difference, and the skin is not otherwise negatively affected in any way. In some cases, however, the birthmarks are strawberry colored, and are a sign of blood vessel overgrowth in the skin. In either case, it does not pose any health threat, and is not a symptom of ill health.

The fact is, more than one in ten babies have birthmarks. In Asians, the proportion is significantly smaller. The great majority of birthmarks are completely harmless, and do not require any treatment. Some birthmarks may, however, be a cosmetic problem, if it affects the face.

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