Baby moles and birthmarks

Babies with Moles

Some parents become concerned when they notice a mole or other birthmark on their newborn. Moles are benign growths that generally do not become larger than a pencil eraser, and in the great majority cases, remain harmless marks for life. Malignant growths are extremely rare for young children, however, if you notice that a mole is not symmetrical, quickly growing, or has more than one color, visit the pediatrician to ensure that the mark is in fact, simply a harmless mark.

Moles are quite common, and almost everyone will have several moles by the time that they are 40. They appear quite commonly in infants, and will appear occasionally until middle age, after which they tend to become smaller, and disappear. A lot of mole formation is a mystery, however, we do know that most moles are benign, and do not require any medical attention. If you have any concerns about your baby´s mole, visit your pediatrician.

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