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How to Treat Jaundice in your Baby

Jaundice is a very common condition that can affect even the healthiest of babies. Jaundice is the condition where the baby´s skin color becomes yellow, and the eyes can appear white. This is caused by the rising bilirubin levels in the baby´s body. Babies produce more bilirubin than adults, and have weaker livers which are often unable to remove the excess bilirubin in the body. This condition is very common, and will often occur in newborns between the second and fifth day after birth.

Jaundice should be watched for on the first several days. If you notice that your baby has jaundice, contact your doctor to ensure that your baby is safe. Most cases of jaundice are normal and do not pose any threats. However, jaundice can have severe consequences such as brain damage and deafness if it is severe and left untreated. Jaundice is also a bigger concern with premature babies. Remember to contact your doctor as soon as you notice jaundice.

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