Baby jandice

Why is my newborn´s skin yellow?

Most babies have some jaundice

Just over 50% of newborn babies have noticeably yellow look to their skin, called jaundice for the first two weeks of their life. In all but very rare cases, this is a very temporary and harmless condition, however, it is important to monitor your baby if the jaundice is prominent, or if your baby appears to be otherwise ill or underdeveloped.

Jaundice occurs in babies when their underdeveloped livers are having difficulty processing a pigment called bilirubin. It can take some time for the baby´s liver to function properly, and metabolize these products, which is the cause of the yellow coloring in the skin. Premature babies often have jaundice as their liver is less developed than most newborns. Bruising at birth also makes jaundice more likely.

Most cases of jaundice are not harmful

In most cases, jaundice is not a significant problem unless you also notice underdevelopment, or a sign of other illness in your baby. Most cases of jaundice naturally subside within a few weeks as the baby´s liver develops. Feeding properly at regular intervals also helps the baby metabolize the excess bilirubin. If, however, you suspect that the jaundice is significant, or that your baby is showing signs of ill health, call your doctor as soon as possible.

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