Fifth disease or Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Baby fifth disease or Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Baby fifth disease, often called slapped cheek syndrome or slap face, is a viral infection that is common among children, but may affect babies, as well as adults. In babies and in children, the symptoms tend to be milder than in adults. The virus generally spreads through coughing or sneezing, although blood infection is certainly possible. In general, Baby fifth disease is a common childhood disease that will resolve itself without treatment.

Here are some tips to identify, and treat Baby fifth disease.

  1. Cold like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, fatigue, headaches as first symptoms, lasting a few days.
  2. About a week following the initial symptoms, the face will have bright rashes around the cheeks, giving rise to the name, slapped cheek syndrome. It is thought that the disease is no longer contagious at this stage.
  3. There may be some spreading of the rashes to the arms, down to the thighs. The rashes will be less prominent and pink in color. These will gradually fade in color and disappear.
  4. Sometimes, Baby fifth disease may show similar symptoms as other conditions. If any of these symptoms persist, call a doctor to ensure that it is only a case of fifth´s disease.
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