Baby diaper rash

Treating Diaper Rashes Properly

Diaper rashes are unfortunately a very common source of irritation for a baby. While diaper rashes are sometimes inevitable, there are many small things that parents can keep in mind to minimize a baby´s chances of getting diaper rashes.

Change your baby´s diapers more often. Prolonged exposure to urine or fecal content is very irritating for the skin, and the most common cause of diaper rashes. Another problem is the constant exposure to moisture. Babies shuffle around quite a bit in their diapers, particularly if they feel uncomfortable. Friction and moisture are already at work when babies are wearing diapers, so it is important to give them some dry time too. Similarly, don't tighten up the diaper too tight, as it will not leave any room for the air to dry out your baby´s diaper area. Even sweat and friction alone can irritate a baby´s sensitive skin.

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