cuts, scrapes and bruises in babies

Is it Normal for my Baby to have Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises?

Minor cuts and bruises are, unfortunately a common occurrence for babies, particularly as they begin to walk and gain mobility. Babies learn through experience, and are naturally curious, getting themselves in all sorts of trouble. As diligent as a parent can be, using all the child prevention and safety goods, it is simply impossible to protect your baby from every minor injury. It is important that you take a look at the injury, no matter how slight, assess, and treat it properly.


  • Remember to wash your hands first, before anything. The last thing that you want is a bacterial or viral infection.
  • If the baby is bleeding, apply direct pressure to the cut or wound. If the bleeding does not stop within 10 minutes after applying pressure, call an emergency.
  • Remove any foreign objects, if any, from the wound.
  • Wash the wound, and pat dry.
  • If the cut or scrape is minor, it is often better to simply leave it to open air.
  • Finally, deep cuts, cuts that do not stop bleeding, or cuts on the face should warrant a visit to the doctor.


  • Bruises are often disconcerting as babies often show them more prominently as their skin is much more thin. This is especially the case with fair-skinned babies.
  • Most bruises should fade away over a week or two without any special treatment. If you can apply an ice pack on the bruised area quickly after the injury for ten or fifteen minutes, this can reduce swelling, and possibly diminish recovery time.
  • Most bruises are harmless, and unfortunately an unavoidable part of a baby´s learning process. However, if your baby has frequent unexplained bruises, or tends to bruise often and severely, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. This may indicate abuse or a medical problem that makes your baby bruise easily.
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