Baby Acne

Does Your Baby Have Acne?

Many new parents are surprised to see what looks like acne on their baby´s face. In truth, baby acne is very common, and typically appears a few weeks from birth, and peaks at two months. Typically, small whiteheads will form around the cheeks, the forehead, and sometimes as low as the chin area. The exact cause of baby acne is still unknown, however, it is speculated that the maternal hormones during late pregnancy have an effect on the baby´s sensitive skin, inducing acne formation.

In most cases, the acne is mild, and will subside without special treatment. When washing, remember not to use harsh soaps as the baby´s skin is very sensitive, and may become even more aggravated if it becomes irritated. For this reason, acne medications should never be applied to your baby´s skin.

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